PHILA Pinball Updates for 2018-02-16

Hey Everyone!  I wanted to share some quick updates on games.

* We’ve gotten word that Batman 66 is “on loan” and will be back on-location at some point.
* JunkYard’s right flipper is severely not in line with the lane, so we are marking it as “not playable” in our tracking sheet.  You are welcome to try to play a game on it and submit scores, but the current state of the flipper makes the game unplayable.

The PHILA League adheres to Section 8 of the IFPA/PAPA Ruleset:

Scores will be kept on a disabled machine if the tournament is >50% through the qualifying process. If the tournament is <50% through the qualifying process, all scores will be considered void.

All machines in the contest, with the exception of JunkYard and Batman 66 have reached this 50% requirement.  These games are now “locked in” and will count regardless of whether they go down or are removed between now and the end of the contest.  JunkYard needs 13 more days to count, and Batman needs  12 more days to count.  If it becomes mathmatically impossible for either game to make the 50% threshold, we will remove it from the standings at that point.

Game Status:

PHILA Pinball Updates for 2018-02-13

It’s the 13th day of the month, so here are your Top 13!

1. Nathaniel Gibson – 800pts
1. Nick Hislop – 800pts
3. Christopher Chow – 750pts
3. Harry Jackson – 750pts
5. Michael Reimer – 725pts
6. Cliff Albert – 713pts
6. Bill Shupp – 713pts
8. Dennis DeLong – 700pts
9. Erik Ryan – 685pts
10. Dave Sharrar – 676pts
11. Brad Ladutko – 636pts
12. Dennis Gardner – 616pts
13. Christina Cimino – 610pts

Full Standings:

Some notes on the machines:
Batman 66 – Assumed Missing.  Haven’t been able to confirm status.  If anyone has an update please let me know.  If it doesn’t show back up, it will be pulled from the standings.
Status on All Machines:

Logging Issues with Machines

Hey Everyone!  We’ve created a “help-desk” email address for people to log issues that they’re experiencing with games so we can have record of it and try to ensure that it’s followed up on.

When you experience an issue, can you please:
* Send an e-mail to
* If you’re on Facebook, make a post in the Facebook group so that people are aware ->

PHILA Pinball Updates for 2018-02-02

Hey Everyone!  Happy Groundhog Day!  Happy Groundhog Day!

Current Standings:
1. Nathaniel Gibson – 800pts
1. Nick Hislop – 800pts
3. Harry Jackson – 760pts
4. Michael Reimer – 750pts
5. Christopher Chow – 745pts
6. Dennis DeLong – 715pts
7. Bill Shupp – 675pts
8. Christina Cimino – 674pts
9. Erik Ryan – 650pts
10. Dave Sharrar – 613pts
11. Kelsie Reimer – 610pts
12. Dennis Gardner – 556pts

Some notes on the machines:
Addams Family – Barcade – Assumed Not Working
JunkYard – Barcade – Assumed Not Working
Champion Pub – Working, But Fighter Isn’t Registering Hits
Laser War – Pinball Gallery – Assumed Not Working
Status on All Machines:

Standings Update as of 2018-01-30

Here’s the Top 12 as of Jan 30, 2018:

1. Nathaniel Gibson – 800pts
2. Nick Hislop – 800pts
3. Harry Jackson – 760pts
4. Michael Reimer – 755pts
5. Christopher Chow – 735pts
6. Dennis DeLong – 715pts
7. Christina Cimino – 678pts
8. Bill Shupp – 675pts
–Double Bye Cutoff–
9. Erik Ryan – 650pts
10. Kelsie Reimer – 613pts
11. Dave Sharrar – 603pts
12. Dennis Gardner – 560pts


PHILA Pinball – Blog Feed

Hello Everyone!  We’re going to use a WordPress blog feed for sharing statuses related to the PHILA League.   We still encourage people to log into Facebook to leave comments and to create their own posts, but this will allow us to post both to Facebook and to the general public about items like score updates.